Fournisseur de solutions médicales vétérinaires

WMV-200BWP Veterinary B/W Palm Ultrasound Scanner


● CNC Dynamic frequency scanning technology

● Real time point by point dynamic acceptance focus technology

● Various animal (cat, dog, bovine, sheep, equine, swine etc.) liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney,

bladder, uterus, ovary and other tissues or organs inspection and diagnosis of lesions

● External USB storage, more convenient for image upload

● Image storage function

● Professional Software Packages for Veterinary use

● Ultra-light weight

● Over 4 hours battery

● Waterproof probe

● 24 months warranty

Professional Software Packages for Veterinary Use

Canine - GSD, CRL, HD, BD

Feline - HD, BD

Sheep - STD, SHD, SCRL

Equine - EEGD, ECD, ESD, EBD

Swine - HLA, SLA

Bovine: CTD, CHL ,CCRL





Imaging mode: B,B+B 

Gray scale :255 

Display: 5.6 inch LED HD display 

Transducer frequency :2.0-10Mhz 

Transducer connector :1(standard) 

Scanning depth(mm) :From 46 to 208,depends on probes,adjustable 

System languague: English 

Imaging process 

Pre-processing :Edge enhancement,15 levels image 

Post-processing up/down,left/right flip,frame correlation,focus conversion 

System: languague English 


Cine loop :255 frames 

Storage media: Built-in flash, External pen drive 

storage :8G,min 1000 frames permanent storage 

Body mark :No 

Psuedo color: 8 

Transducer auto-detection: Available

Standard Configurations 

Main Unit 5.6” LCD Monitor One Transducer 

Connector One USB Port Two Carrying Straps 

One Lithium Battery(6 hours) 

One Anti-collision Master Case 

Professional software packages 

8G TFT card 

6.5MHz veterinary rectal linear transducer 

Optional Configuration 

Extra Lithium Battery(6 hours) 

Car adapter

Extra charger 

Optional probe:5.0Mhz micro-convex probe,3.5Mhz convex probe,7.5Mhz high frequency linear array probe,7.5Mhz back fat probe 


USB storage 


Data, week, time, transducer model, transducer position, transducer frequency, depth, focus position, body marks, frame rate, measurement values, gain, etc. 

Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz and DC 

Package size: 54x40x18cm 

Net weight:800g 

Gross weight:4.3kg