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WMV650E Veterinary SPO2 ETCO2 Monitor

Pre-hospital first aid, hospital transit, emergency department, operating theater, U, NICU, sleep monitoring etc.




1.3.5 inch TFT, monitoring the EtC02/C02 , Respirationrate,SPO2(Optional)

2.EtC02 technology of infrared ray gas analysisv  

Temperature, Pressure compensation and Zero

readjustment system, all of them insure the accuracy and stabilityv  

Balance gas compensation makes minimuminfluence against other gases. v  

Lung pressure and temperature compensation(BTPS compensation) is selectablev  

Very short warmup time, in15 seconds it canmeasure with complete accuratcyv  

Easy maintenance and no need to calibrate

3.KPA , mmHg or % are selectable.

4.Audio-optical alarm for exceeding limits and Apnea

5.Solid design challenges hush conditions aspecially designed airway adapter is suitable intubated adult or infant monitoring.   

6.24 hours trend diagram keeps still availab after power-off

7.Data output via USB port

8.Optioanl data base software administratioanalysis and printing data

9.Optional bluetooth module and bluetoothprinter, at any time to print wave shape and  data

10.Large Capacity lithium battery for 10 hou  UPS

11.Optional SPO2

12.12 months warranty



AC input: 50Hz/60AC power Consumption:10W


Working temperature: 5 -50°CHumidity: 30-75% ( non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure: 55-115kPa

Battery Data

Lithium battery, rechargeable

Battery capacity: 3.6V,3800mAh, 15 hours(approximately)

Charging time: 4 hours from empty to full

Physical Data

Dimension: 72mm(W)x155mm(H) x28mm(D)

Weight:main stream < 90g,monitor 250g

Respiration rate

Range: 3-150 t/min

Accuracy: the bigger value of ±1 %(reading)or ±1 times/min

Trend length: 24 hours

Flux:50-250cc/min seletable

Capnograph Measuring


Range: 0-150mmHg ( 0-20kPa,or 0-20% (VIV))


±2mmHg when 0-40mmHg,

±5%(reading) when > 41-70mmHg

±8%(reading) when > 71-100mmHg

±10%(reading) when > 101-150mmHg

EtC02 Update: every breath,

Trend length: 24hours

Oximeter data (optional)

Oximetry saturation  


Accuraty:±3% when 50-69%

±2% when 70-100%  

Trend length:24 hoursPulse rateRange:30-250bpm

Accuracy:the bigger value of ±2bpm or ±2%(reading)

when 30-250bpmTrend length:24 hours

Standard configuration

Main unit,airway tube and sampling tube